Webinar: Practical Tips for a Successful First TAR Project

Technology Assisted Review (TAR) has been judicially approved for use in appropriate cases for several years now and is a powerful tool to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and savings in document review, legal investigations, and beyond. Yet, most corporate legal departments and law firms are not utilizing this tool. What is holding them back? In this webinar sponsored by NightOwl Discovery, George Socha, founder of EDRM, will moderate a conversation with NightOwl’s Kelly Atherton, senior analytics and review manager, and Sam Merritt, senior portfolio manager, about low risk use cases for your first predictive coding project and practical tips from the trenches on what has (and has not) worked to educate and prepare the legal team to use TAR (or predictive coding), to set up the project and deadlines, and to effectively train the system to most efficiently categorize and rank documents.

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