The Paralegal's Guide to Obtaining Evidence from Electronic Devices

July 12, 2018, 10am – 5pm EST

Do you have the knowledge you need to find and gather any and all crucial evidence from electronic devices? This insightful course will provide a fresh look at effective ways to collect online and other digital data. Gain a solid foundation for collecting, requesting and subpoenaing evidence. Don’t miss this opportunity to take away practical how-to’s and tactics – register today!

  • Review the rules and resources every paralegal should know concerning electronic evidence.
  • Explore the in’s and out’s of discovery requests and responses.
  • Learn tips for collecting important content from social media accounts.
  • Take a closer look at ways to obtain computer, email, internet and smartphone evidence.
  • Discuss how to structure a subpoena for phone companies and social media companies to get critical records.
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