Office 365 Supervisory Review Management Consulting

Supervisory Review is a proactive, risk mitigation strategy that should be in the back pocket of every corporation with an Office 365 E5 license. This feature will flag incoming, outgoing and internal messages that containing sensitive or questionable content for further review. Perhaps an example may help.
Health Care Company has strict rules about using emails to issue invoices. All invoicing must be done centrally through accounting. As an Office 365 E5 subscriber, Health Care sets up a Supervisory Review. In the Security and Compliance Tab, the legal operations team sets up a Supervisory Review policy to flag any inbound, outbound or internal email messages containing the term “invoice.” If an email is detected containing the term “invoice,” it is routed to the Litigation Associate General Counsel to make sure the message is in compliance with Health Care’s directive.
Joe, one of the field representatives for Health Care, responds to an email from a client who has a question about the process of paying invoices. The inbound and outbound messages are both flagged for containing the term “invoice.” The messages are sent to Health Care’s Counsel to review as a subfolder in Office 365 Exchange. Upon pulling up the message, Counsel is able to easily categorize whether the message is in compliance with company policy or not.
This feature may be a key in preventing trade secret loss, theft prevention, sexual harassment claims and insider trading, amongst others. As part of our Office 365 Consulting Group, NightOwl can help you design and implement these reviews to reduce risk and cost.

  • Review Workflow Design – Create comprehensive workflows including data sources, individuals, keyword terms and routing information.
  • Case-Specific Implementation – On a case by case basis, work with your Legal and IT departments to design and execute a short term Supervisory Review.