A flexible and mobile approach to investigations that includes an entire stack of advanced AI and leading eDiscovery technology.

When an investigation arises, regardless of need or geography, NightOwl Global can assist with your digital investigation. We deliver innovative and customized end-to-end discovery services capable of handling any investigation. Our clients benefit from NightOwl’s extensive experience managing global investigations, technology that includes language-agnostic analytics, and thoughtful workflows that will not interrupt your business operations. In addition, our industry-certified forensic practitioners approach each investigation with the expectation to testify. Our teams frequently provide written and oral court testimony on the viability and defensibility of our data collection and management methodologies. NightOwl’s investigative services and expertise have helped hundreds of clients successfully resolve investigations promptly and with minimal business disruption, allowing you to move quickly and make informed decisions.

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Enterprise Investigation Solutions

NightOwl offers Enterprise Investigation Solutions utilizing Nuix® technology as their Nuix Analytics & Intelligence is a powerful data analysis platform that makes it incredibly intuitive to extract and interact with intelligence from nearly any data source or file type. From security and forensic use cases like conducting digital investigations and detecting insider threats, to solving complex data analysis projects, Nuix Analytics & Intelligence delivers insights into otherwise overlooked or unnoticed activity. Your NightOwl team will create a detailed investigation plan and adopt the Nuix platform so that you can provide your enterprise with a range of powerful, easy to use, and defensible tools for processing data for investigations.