nFerence® Managed Review

NightOwl’s fully managed and technology-based review methodology, nFerence, is a sophisticated trademarked system of workflow management that includes licensed attorney reviewer evaluation and selection, advanced text and conceptual analytics, and TAR driven first pass workflows and quality control processes. We combine and leverage the strength of technology to provide an accurate, affordable and defensible review outcome.

nFerence is built on a tiered review process. Our first-tier review team typically reviews and codes documents for responsiveness, potential privilege, issue codes, redactions, key documents and confidentiality. Our second level teams include our Quality Control and Privilege Review teams, who are experienced NightOwl reviewers with a proven record of accuracy and efficiency and perform QC and privilege review on the first pass coding from the previous day to provide timely feedback to our reviewers. NightOwl also has a permanent attorney review lead that is responsible for coordinating all administrative tasks associated with the review project, i.e., time keeping, questions and answers log maintenance, and review team communication and feedback. Lastly, NightOwl’s Analytics and Review Manager oversees all aspects of the review, such as creating and implementing first and second pass review workflows, working with our analytics team on the use of analytics and TAR tools, and client communication regarding the review.