Unmatched experience in technology assisted review methods to create a faster, transparent, more accurate, and cost-effective solution to document review.

NightOwl Global offers comprehensive legal document review services in support of FCPA investigations, privacy, litigation, audits, and compliance matters. At the heart of our service are trained teams of legal reviewers that use the latest analytic technologies and our streamlined review process to perform document reviews, typically for relevance, privilege, and key documents, as well as coding each relevant document for central case issues developed by the legal team during project initiation. Our clients and their legal teams remain in complete control of the direction of the review efforts while we handle all of the details of the review process, resulting in an efficient and economical solution for handling the review of large volumes of information. NightOwl, a leader in the industry, has years of experience developing proven workflows, quality control systems, metrics, efficiency standards, and reporting capabilities – factors that are critical when selecting a review management partner.

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