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Artificial Intelligence can deliver tangible benefits to legal departments and law firms willing to integrate it into their workflows as AI makes it possible for machines to learn from human experiences, adjusting to new information and performing human-like tasks. Complex, distributed computer architectures are necessary to handle the training and learning models that are required to draw inferences and make intelligent predictions. The models adapt and become more accurate when presented with new data and additional rounds of training.

AI is best used to analyze large volumes of data to find patterns or improve operations, providing humans with greater insights and automation to guide decision-making and drive efficiencies. NightOwl Global utilizes AI technology in the document review process, as smart searching technologies return results relevant to the search, but it also suggests research authorities that are responsive to the overall search topic, which can be especially helpful when conducting research in an unfamiliar jurisdiction or topic.

With AI in document review, a human reviewer codes documents as responsive or unresponsive and feeds this information to the software, which takes the human input and uses it to draw predictions on unreviewed documents, along with utilizing AI analytics technologies such as deduplication, concept searching, and threading. The combination of these technologies results in discovery teams completing documents sets as quickly as possible, with higher quality levels while also cutting back on the number of attorney reviewers needed, making a review with NightOwl more cost-effective and accurate.