Now that your data's in the Cloud, how do you get it out?

Data migration has reached a tipping point. The vast majority of technology decision-makers (84 percent) say that their organization invested in cloud services in 2016, according to Insight’s 2017 Intelligent Technology Index report. It noted that “while only 15 percent have fully migrated their corporate application workloads to public clouds, 47 percent are more than halfway implemented in the cloud, with large and medium companies leading the way.”
Corporations have been migrating their data at a remarkable rate, and it’s unlikely that this genie is going back into the bottle. In fact, the question you should be asking yourself assumes that it won’t.
Now that your data is in the cloud, when the discovery request arrives or the corporate investigation commences, how do you collect that data from the cloud in a manner that is efficient, comprehensive and done with forensic integrity?
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