Insightful Innovation

NightOwl leverages our proprietary technology, blending with our technology partners to streamline your discovery processes. We lead the pack on cutting edge technology, developing innovative new programs to discover new best practices.


DecisionCenter provides clients with a central repository of document decisions across all current and former matters. Clients can reference prior decisions regarding privilege, relevance, redactions, issues, and any other work product for any single document or document family. Prior decisions can also be mapped to new documents using analytics such as near duplicate detection and provide valuable seed data for technology assisted Review.


MissionControl guides our operations team through complex discovery workflows, ensures quality controls are defined and performed, and increased efficiencies by automating critical communication points across various internal departments and directly to our clients. It also records the detailed process settings used and the workflow decisions made along the way as it provides thorough and in-depth data chain of custody and audits through every step of the discovery process.


nSight is a secure, web-based dashboard that provides clients with the ability to monitor their entire portfolio of cases in real time. It allows comprehensive management of electronic discovery by giving clients the information needed to make smart decisions that improve efficiency and cost predictability.

nSight Dashboard Screenshot