Is Your Watch Discoverable?

I was reading an article today that mentioned “wearables”. I got to thinking about wearables in the context of eDiscovery. Fascinating convergent concept. For those of you unfamiliar with wearables, think Apple Watch and similar products like the Pebble. In a traditional sense, these devices replicate content found on your mobile device. E-mails and text messages flow to the wearable via Bluetooth and appear in a notification, similar to what would occur on your mobile device’s screen. However, a myriad of apps for these wearables are being developed by third party developers and can be found in a device-specific eco-system. As development of these applications occur, developers will increasingly separate the wearable from the mobile device and will encourage the user to treat the wearable as a stand-alone device. I am keenly interested in seeing the first request for production that will list “watches and other wearables containing relevant data…”