Is Data Migration and Disposition Planning on Your Radar for 2017?

General Keith Alexander, Director Of The National Security Agency And Cybersecurity, stated that intellectual property accounts for approximately 33 percent of the value of U.S. corporations or $5 trillion. Of that [$5 trillion], approximately $300 billion [6%] is stolen over the networks per year.
Information has monetary value and creating a data migration, disposition and security plan should be on the top of the list for any company. However, in the corporate environment, allot of data has no value and therefore should be culled and remediated from data that does have value. The challenge is being able to locate, migrate, and secure valuable corporate IP so it can be leveraged by the corporation to the fullest extent possible.
Executing a defensible data disposition plan (an example)
As a general guideline, the following steps should be considered:

  1. Identify the categories or class of documents to search,
  2. Identify the target drive,
  3. Create final search criteria,
  4. Run search criteria on a small subset or folder on the target drive,
  5. Sample results for responsive and non-responsive documents and approve criteria or modify,
  6. Initiate search and move all responsive documents to an archive,
  7. Sample results for false positives from the archive,
  8. Delete all documents in archive after designated period of time, and
  9. Execute certificate of destruction.

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