Defendant Permitted to Manual Review Potentially Privileged ESI Notwithstanding a FRE Rule 502(D) Order

In Good v. American Water Works Co.,  No. 14-01374 (S.D. W. Va. Oct. 29, 2014), plaintiffs  agreed to a “FRE 502(d) claw-back” order for privileged documents only if defendants agreed to forego a manual review for privileged documents.  Plaintiffs argued that a computer assisted review for privileged documents would be faster and more efficient.  Defendants argued that they should be permitted to manually review potentially privileged documents notwithstanding the protection of a Rule 502(d) order.   The court agreed with defendant and entered a Rule 502(d) order holding that “the parties need not agree” in order for the court to enter a Rule 502(d) order.