Data Protection: Time to get your house in order!

Key steps a corporation should be taking to strengthen corporate data protection policy

  • Carry out a data protection audit on the organisation’s current data protection policies and practices. This will identify areas which may need to change in order to comply with new and existing rules.
  • Review and update existing contracts of employment, staff handbooks and employee polices relating to data protection and subject access.
  • Put an effective policy in place for reporting data breaches.
  • Require data protection training for all employees.
  • Appoint someone within the organization to oversee data protection compliance.

See: The 2016 Cyber Risk Executive Summary. This report shows you a broad view of the 2015 threat landscape, ranging from industry-wide data to a focused look at different technologies, including open source, mobile, and the Internet of Things. It provides you with security information leading to a better understanding of the threat landscape, and resources that can aid in minimizing security risk and protecting your valuable IP.