Multi-national Chemical Company
Rapid collection and management of vast amount of data from 25 custodians across 10 countries.


Managing discovery is complicated for any company. But large, international corporations face special challenges. With far-flung personnel, huge quantities of information to process and tight timelines for collection, discovery can become an overwhelming burden.

To find a smarter, simpler approach, one multi-national chemical company came to NightOwl. They needed discovery data collected from 25 custodians across 10 countries using a variety of systems. With multiple cases pending, time was of the essence.


Reduction in Data Set


Days to Collect Data Remotely


Hours wasted on travel.


Spent on travel.


NightOwl’s team of collection technicians completed complex remote collections in Europe, South America and Asia in under 7 days without the need to incur travel expenses or waste time on travel.

Our attorney project managers culled down the data set from half a terabyte to just under 100GB. The total reviewable records went from over one million to fewer than 150,000 items, a much more manageable number. A team of 20 NightOwl attorney reviewers quickly got up to speed on the case and completed the first-pass review in less than two weeks. This piece alone saved the client tens of thousands of dollars compared to traditional law firm review.


The entire project was completed in under 45 days: from the first strategic meeting to collection, processing, hosting and review. The client was ecstatic. By trusting their matter to NightOwl, the company cut the time, cost and aggravation of managing discovery on a global scale.