Will increased use of mobile in health care increase HIPAA concerns?

I came across the linked article today. I come from a medical family. As an attorney, I am a true oddity at family events. The confluence of public health, law and technology is fascinating. It’s not a huge leap to see the looming trend. The technically literate portion of our society continues to age. The pace of acceptance of mobile technology grows across most market segments. What about HIPAA and PHI recorded and transmitted by these technologies? What sort of protections will these devices and applications contain? As described in the article, these technologies will be capturing invasive and personal information about many different parts of our health landscape. The article also describes the speed in which these applications are being created. Clearly, we are talking about the transfer of potential PHI to and from a covered entity. Anything that improves the public health is a good thing. However, it cannot come at the expense of the protections afforded to us by HIPAA in protecting our PHI. That’s enough to keep you thinking on turkey day. To our U.S. clients and friends, have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving holiday.
Link to the article.